Rural Achievers of the Year : John and Annette Henwood

Mrs Gina Rinehart congratulates John and Annette Henwood on being named “Rural Achievers of the Year” by the Pastoralists and Graziers Association:

The lifetime of hard work and sacrifice of John and Annette Henwood and their example and contribution to the Kimberley over the last half century is noteworthy.

Anyone who was ever fortunate enough to visit the iconic Fossil Downs would have seen their legendary standards and dedication.

We are very grateful at being given the opportunity to be a part of the future of Fossil Downs, after knowing the Henwood family over generations.

Like my own ancestors, the Henwoods and the MacDonald families helped open up the North when they arrived here 133 years ago. What we have today is a result of hard work and a pioneering spirit and their love of the North.

Those settlers deserve their place in our history and John and Annette have certainly earned theirs. Thank you to you both for your wonderful example.

17 September 2015

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