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The most successful private company ever in Australia’s history, and one of the most successful private mining companies in the world.

Built on a long and special history of investing and risk taking in Australia, Hancock Prospecting is an independent, privately owned Australian company that has a proud history with the Pilbara and the iron ore sector, and is one of the longest continuous owners of cattle stations in Australia.

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Queensland Swimming titles – an A to Z guide

Here’s our annual A to Z guide featuring 510 youth swimmers, just some of the exciting talent who will dash down the pool at the Hancock Prospecting Queensland Swimming Championship from Saturday. The Queensland swimming championships will be off with a splash from Saturday, featuring hundreds of competitors. The team relays will roll out across the weekend before the individual races start across the week. Queensland swimming is so strong, our state could field a team at the Olympics and snare a swag of medals. ,In recent years we told you first about the likes of Mollie O’Callaghan, Sam Short, Kai Taylor, Jenna Forrester, Meg Harris, Josuha Neill, Bronte Job, Flynn Southam, so on and so forth So who are some of the next generation starpouring through the system?

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Rinehart buys apartments to house veterans

A South Perth apartment building purchased by Gina Rinehart will be refurbished to provide much-needed accommodation for West Australian veterans. Work is expected to commence before the end of the year to completely refurbish the existing building to create nine two-bedroom apartments. The property is expected to be ready to accept residents in the first half of 2024.

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Hancock shows support for veterans

Gina Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting has purchased property for Western Australia’s first veterans accommodation program. The program is a joint initiative between the Australian Air Force Association (RAAFA) and the RSLWA to provide housing for former members of the defence forces in a refurbished apartment building in south Perth. “This support is enabling RSLWA and RAAFA to build on our proud legacies of going above and beyond to support WA veterans who have given incredible service to our country.” Rinehart was named “Honorary Guardian of Veterans” by Soldier On this year for her long-term support of veterans. The property will be known as Sir Valston Hancock House after a former leader of the Royal Australian Air Force and Rinehart’s uncle.

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RAAFA and RSLWA launch WA’s first dedicated housing program for veterans

Two of Western Australia’s largest and most established ex-service organisations have joined forces to launch the State’s first targeted accommodation program specifically for veterans. The joint initiative between the Australian Air Force Association, known as RAAFA, and RSLWA is set to provide quality housing for former members of the defence forces in a refurbished apartment building in South Perth. The unique program has been made possible through a partnership with Hancock Prospecting, which has purchased an existing property to support the needs of WA veterans. Mrs Gina Rinehart AO, Executive Chairman of Hancock Prospecting, was named “Honorary Guardian of Veterans” by Soldier On this year for her long-term support of veterans. Under her leadership Hancock Prospecting and its related companies, including Roy Hill, drive the opportunity for veteran employment within each of these businesses.

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WABTEC-ROY HILL partner for first flxdrive battery locomotive

Wabtec and leading iron ore miner Roy Hill, majority-owned by Hancock Prospecting, have debuted the world’s first 100% battery-powered, heavy-haul locomotive for mainline service. Hancock Prospecting Group operations chief executive Gerhard Veldsman commented on the debut. “The foresight of our Executive Chairman, Mrs Gina Rinehart AO, has been instrumental in establishing an environment in which we can successfully leverage the ingenuity of our people alongside key partners like Wabtec to transform our rail and mining operations through next-generation technologies,” he said.”The FLXdrive locomotive represents not only a first for the Pilbara, but a first for the mining industry. “The technological smarts that have gone into the development of the loco makes it well suited for our rail network. “By using regenerative braking, it will charge its battery on the 344km (214 miles) downhill run from our mine to port facility and use that stored energy to return to the mine, starting the cycle all over again.

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Notices on fake social media posts encouraging investment in scams


“Hancock Prospecting is built on good Australian values where loyalty and performance are rewarded. Our vision is to create pathways to business and employment opportunity for veterans and ex military across Hancock Prospecting, That the veterans feel valued and preferentially treated when they approach us and that we create a real sense of recognition of military service to the country for which they served which for the majority will be Australia.”

Hancock Prospecting Executive Chairperson,
Gina Rinehart AO

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We are committed to developing opportunities for women across our operation.  Join us to continue building an exceptional future for our great nation, and to set yourself up now and into the future.

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Many happy returns from Roy Hill

Billionaire Gina Rinehart has described her giant $10bn Roy Hill iron ore mine as “the mega project that … we thought might not happen”. The billionaire mining magnate told a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Roy Hill that the mine’s first equity investors had made a “rare entrepreneurial move … with significant risk” that had paved the way for a project that made $13bn in net profits in the last two years alone and already paid off $10bn in debt in full.

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Mrs Rinehart christens latest Oldendorff vessel

The newest Oldendorff Carriers capesize vessel has today been christened “Gina Oldendorff” after Mrs Gina Rinehart AO, who had the honour this morning of christening the huge ship, in the traditional way, with a bottle of champagne. Oldendorff carried the first shipment of iron ore from Roy Hill in December 2015, and since then has carried more than 46.6 million tonnes of Roy ore over 244 shipments, as well as shipments from Atlas. Today’s special occasion marked the valued and friendly relationships extending over years between the companies. Mrs Rinehart when christening the ship wished the vessel and all its crew many safe journeys, and many happy returns.

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Australia’s richest person Gina Rinehart is giving away $100,000 bonuses to workers to mark her 41 years at her company

Australia’s richest person Gina Rinehart will hand out another $4.1million in bonuses to employees of her mining company as she marks 41 years at the firm. Ms Rinehart will give 41 Hancock Prospecting staff members $100,000 each this week, with a raffle to determine the lucky recipients. Rinehart has thanked her workers for ‘another great year’ and said all of Australia benefits when her mine thrives.

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