Healthy boost is just gold

Article by Ivy Jensen courtesy of the Riverine Herald

PYRAMID Hill community health providers have benefited from a cash donation from a local gold explorer.
The Four Eagles Joint Venture comprises Catalyst Metals and Hancock Prospecting as equal joint venture partners exploring for gold in Pyramid Hill, Mitiamo, Dingee and Boort.
It recently donated $8000 to Pyramid Hill and District Community Emergency Response Team and Ambulance Victoria.
“The funds will enable a much-needed upgrade of training equipment for Pyramid Hill’s Emergency Response Team and through Ambulance Victoria, allow the installation of a publicly accessible defibrillator in Pyramid Hill,” committee president Meg Stewart said.
The response team is comprised of trained community-based volunteer first responders who provide advanced first aid and support to patients while awaiting the arrival of assisting paramedics.
Paramedic community support co-ordinator Mitchell Pitt said the publicly accessible defibrillator would have a real impact in the community and save lives.
“Minutes matter in cardiac arrest and the sooner a person receives CPR and the application of a defibrillator, the better their chances of survival,” Mr Pitt said.
“Bystanders are the critical first link in the chain of survival and can keep patients alive before highly-trained paramedics arrive.”
Dingee Bush Nursing Centre was the main beneficiary, receiving $100,000 from the venture.
“This significant injection of funds will enable the upgrade of the centre’s vehicle and enhance our capacity to deliver services around the district,” centre manager Kylie Smith said.
“The vehicle upgrade will broaden the scope of nursing services throughout the district by increasing patient and equipment carrying capacity.”
Catalyst Metals technical director Bruce Kay said exploration activities had progressively increased over the last two years as the joint venture had grown its appreciation for the prospectivity for gold of central Victoria.
Mr Kay said as well as forging relationships with landholders upon whose lands they explored, the joint venture partners and personnel were continually seeking to integrate with their host communities.
“Even though we are still at the exploration stage, the Four Eagles Joint Venture partners recognise the importance of building strong relationships with the communities where we explore,” he said.
“These donations recognise the valuable community services that the Dingee Bush Nursing Centre, the Pyramid Hill Community Emergency Response Team and Ambulance Victoria provide, and will further enhance the health and welfare of these communities.”
Exploration activities are co-ordinated from the Catalyst Metals office in Bendigo, with annual expenditure across the region of more than $10million.
Local and regional suppliers are used wherever practicable.