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With over 25 properties in its portfolio, the Hancock Prospecting Group’s world-class agribusiness is the country’s second largest producer of beef with a total herd capacity size of over 340,000.

The Hancock Group has a long and proud history in agriculture on both sides of the family. The Group is committed to investing in local rural communities, developing and implementing innovative, industry-leading farming practices and driving export quality and growth.

Prior to mining exploration, the family owned and operated for decades a number of iconic cattle stations in WA including Ashburton Downs and Hamersley Station. Hancock’s Executive Chairman, Gina Rinehart, grew up on Hamersley station.

The Group has significantly grown the agricultural portfolio with strategic investment in pastoral stations and agribusinesses.


Hancock Prospecting Group Properties

Hancock currently owns more than 14 properties spread right across Australia, ranging from Western Australia to New South Wales.

Raising and finishing some of the finest cattle in the industry, these stations and farms produce beef for both domestic and overseas markets.

Focused on improving management tools, productivity, volume and cattle welfare on all its properties, Hancock has introduced and is in the process of rolling out across all stations, new game-changing technology such as the digital UHF communications systems, walk over weighing, solar power, remote bore monitoring, drones and more.


WA Cattle Operations

Continuing the Group’s longstanding role in primary industries, the HPPL Group has acquired an ownership interest in four premium cattle stations in northern West Australia:

  • Mulga Downs Station: Santa Getrudis herd of 8,000
  • Fossil Downs Station: Droughtmaster herd of 20,000
  • Liveringa and Nerrima Stations: Brangus herd of 41,000

Northern Territory Operations

Purchased in mid-2016, HPPL owns two adjoining cattle stations in the Northern Territory:

  • Riveren Station
  • Inverway Station

These stations host a herd in excess of 35,000 Brahman cattle and employing approximately 25 staff.

In addition to the acquisition of these cattle stations, the HPPL Group have acquired Phoenix Park, an integrated cattle depot and cropping operation capable of holding up to 30,000 head of cattle. This ability to hold cattle will then allow HPPL to hold a higher number of breeder cattle across its stations, improving productivity and volumes.

S. Kidman & Co

The acquisition of S. Kidman & Co marked a significant milestone for Hancock’s extensive agricultural operations.

The joint venture company, Australian Outback Beef Pty Ltd (AOB), owned 67% by Hancock and 33% by Shanghai CRED Real Estate Stock Co Ltd, acquired 100% of the shares of S. Kidman & Co Ltd (Kidman) in late 2016.

Kidman is an iconic family company, founded by Sir Sidney Kidman in 1899, and is one of the Australia’s largest beef producers with a herd carrying capacity of 171,000 cattle across South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Within the Kidman portfolio there are 12 cattle stations (including outstations), a bull breeding stud farm (Rockybank).

Building on the legacy of the legendary Sir Sidney Kidman, a friend and business partner of James Nicholas (Mrs. Rinehart’s maternal grandfather), Hancock and Shanghai CRED are growing the business, investing in innovative technologies to improve business practices and enhance efficiencies and developing new export markets.

Fullblood Wagyu beef operation

HPPL has expanded its interest into wagyu beef by way of the acquisition of wagyu cattle stations in New South Wales and Queensland.

Running across properties , the Fullblood Wagyu herd is currently over 8,000 head in total, one of the largest Fullblood herds in Australia.

In Queensland, HPPL is currently developing an F1 Wagyu cattle herd across 3,300 hectares of farmland, using its own full-blood genetics along with prime Angus breeders to take advantage of the land held by the Group.

The new 2GR premium Fullblood Wagyu beef brand is a high-quality product, currently exported to Asia.

The inspiration behind the 2GR premium Fullblood Wagyu beef brand dates back more than 100 years to back in the late 1800s when Mrs. Rinehart’s great grandfather had three sons: her grandfather George Hancock, and his two brothers, John and Richard. Mrs. Rinehart’s great grandfather founded the ‘H3B’ brand for cattle and sheep, which stood for Hancock 3 Brothers, named for his sons.

Today’s 2GR brand signifies the initials of Gina Rinehart, along with her daughter Ginia Rinehart.

Bannister Downs Dairy

Located in Western Australia, Hancock is a 50% partner with the award-winning Bannister Downs Dairy.

Bannister Downs produces premium branded milk, flavoured milk, ice cream and other dairy products, predominantly for the domestic market and small amounts of export to Asia.

Winning over 285 individual awards for their world-class products, Bannister Downs is an acclaimed Australian dairy company.

With the goal to be a global leader in ethical diary, Bannister Downs recently completed one of its biggest projects yet - the construction of a new and state-of-the-art ‘Creamery Complex.' This complex includes the construction of a voluntary robotic milking system designed to maximise herd health and comfort as cows are milked on a voluntary basis. The new facility will allow a significant expansion of its customer base both domestically and into Asia.