Pioneer of the
Australian Iron Ore


Although the typical perception of an exploration camp is likely to be one of a rough and ready ‘bush camp’ set up on a dusty drill pad, that is certainly not the case at Hancock Prospecting’s Mulga Downs camp. 

The camp was expanded during 2020 and following completion of those works, the upgraded camp was officially opened when Mrs Rinehart unveiled a plaque for staff in December 2020, which now sits proudly in one of the camps main common areas.

Chairman's greening initiatives benefit Mulga Downs Exploration Camp

Just 18 months on, the camp’s visual amenity now benefits from a range of greening measures which were initiatives of Hancock’s Executive Chairman Mrs Gina Rinehart AO. Through these various improvements, the camp now provides not only a visually pleasing contrast to that traditional vision of a bush camp, but also provide real health benefits through freshly grown fruit and vegetables which are routinely used by the camp’s chef.

That fresh produce is also supplemented with other ‘home grown’ produce from within the Hancock portfolio, including award winning milk from the Bannister Downs dairy, and Kidman beef and meat pies. Similarly, the edible flora is complemented with some of Mrs Rinehart’s favourite flowers, also bringing a softer and more-homely feel to the camp, and benefitting the healthy mindset of the Hancock exploration team.